4 Tips To Have A Fun And Healthy Holiday

Unfortunately, holidays have a bad rap when it comes to weight loss. Holidays are known to derail healthy eating plans. However, my idea of health is changing the conversation around dieting all together so that when holidays come up, we feel ready to take them on without extra calories.

I say we take back HOLIDAYS!

Holidays should equal activities and fun, not stress and overeating. They are meant to be a time to enjoy yourself, not regret what you have done. There is no need to worry about those weight loss programs that have you on a strict diet that you despise and dread. There are healthy ways to lose weight especially during those times that are meant to be relaxing and fun!

Here are 4 tips to a fun and healthy holiday:

1. Make an internal declaration that this year will be different.

First decide that you want to get through all holidays without shame, blame, regret and extra weight. Declare to yourself and another person that this year is different. You are ready for a different experience with a healthier outcome.

2. Grab your friends and family and MOVE!

You can burn some serious calories (and boost your self esteem) by swimming, and dancing the weekend away. Make believe you are 10 years old again and have a have a hula-hoop contest with your kids, friends or both.

3. Prepare your favorite healthy dish!

This is a great opportunity to share your favorite healthy dish and learn some new ones. Make a fruit salad, barbeque lean chicken or fish, grill some asparagus, opt for no bread, or open-face sandwiches. How do you think you would feel if you approached the holiday without having that thing you feel addicted to? Like a no sugar, no dairy, no wheat day? And I have news for you. It could still be FUN! There are endless recipes online these days for gluten free/dairy free/sugar free food. It would be a great experiment to see how you feel afterwards.

4. Make SHARE your word for the weekend!

Still eyeing that dessert? Then have a bite and share the rest! Did you know you only need 2 bites to satisfy that craving? Moderation and sharing are healthy ways to lose weight and keep it off.